We are an interdisciplinary team based at Stanford Law School & d.school, working at the intersection of human-centered design, technology & law to build a new generation of legal products & services.

Our Mission


Training law students & professionals in human-centered legal design


Developing new models of user-friendly, accessible, and engaging legal services


Researching how innovation can be brought to the world of law, and what legal users want

Training in Legal Design & Tech

We are training law students, lawyers, designers, and others to design quality legal products.

Prototyping New Interactive Law Tools

We are designing new products to help people make intelligent legal choices for themselves.

Discovering New Paths for Innovation

We are combining human-centered design & interactive technology to find new ways to innovate in law.

Building a Legal Design Toolbox

We are curating toolkits for lawyers, law students, and paralegals to use as they begin to design and develop projects.

Defining Standards for Legal Communications

We are setting best practices for how to design and present complex legal information to lay audiences.

Our 4 Themes

Access to Justice and Court Innovation

A series of classes, technology builds, user research, and exploratory work to drive user-friendly, efficient, and powerful support for people using the legal system.

Better Internet for Legal Help

An initiative to promote a coordinated system of service-providers, and an ecosystem of better tools & interfaces for laypeople to use online to find legal help.

Smart Legal Communication

Design-driven research into more effective, engaging ways to communicate legal information — notices, policies, process, eligibility, and beyond — to lay people.

New Models of Legal Orgs

A research and workshop project aimed at larger, system-level changes in courts, law firms, legal departments, and legal aid groups — to promote cultures that are more experimental, diverse, and agile.

Legal Design + Tech We're Building

Flood Proof

An app to help people after a natural disaster to start the process of ‘clearing title’ to their house.

Court Visual Guides

Fliers and posters that use visuals to explain how to navigate complicated court processes.


A platform to create and publish better guides to legal processes, with visual and interactive triage & process-guides.

Court Messaging System workflow app-02

Court Messaging Project

An out-of-the-box tool to let any court or legal service provider send text messages with info, reminders, and coaching to people going through the legal system.

Legal Design Workshops

The Legal Design Lab runs workshops for students to learn design thinking and to tackle specific challenges.

We also work with legal organizations to train them on design thinking, scope new initiatives, conduct user testing, and plan how to bring innovation into their organization. Please be in touch if you are interested in a workshop.

We also hold Innovation Sprints at our Lab each quarter. In these Sprints, we train teams on user-centered design process, and help the teams to scope, prototype, and plan for testing of a challenge they have brought. If your team would like to attend an upcoming Sprint, please write.

We run custom presentations and workshops for courts, law firms, legal departments, legal aid groups, government agencies, and foundations. Please be in touch if you are interested in a workshop.

In addition, we hold Innovation Sprints at our Lab each quarter. In these Sprints, we train teams on user-centered design process, and help the teams to scope, prototype, and plan for testing of a challenge they have brought. If your team would like to attend an upcoming Sprint, please write.

We run workshops on a variety of process, skills, culture-change, and strategy:

Service Design: Working with state courts to plan how they can better present language access materials, or serve self-represented litigants

Culture Change:Helping a law firm plan for diversity and inclusion among their associates and partners

Design Thinking: Coaching lawyers in the design process — for example, coaching law firm lawyers on how to use design thinking to advise their clients on a business problem in their legal department

Visual Design: Training lawyers on the essentials of visual design, and how to apply it in their presentations, writings, and arguments

Innovation Strategy: Planning how to launch an innovation and design lab inside of a law firm

User Testing: Evaluating a current app, website, or service offered by the government with its target users, and then having a co-design session to create new versions

Exploratory Sessions: Bringing together a wide range of stakeholders who are all involved in a system, to prioritize an agenda of challenges to tackle, and identify a shortlist of new solutions to pilot

Our Classes

Design for Justice: Fines Fees aand Bail

Spring 2016 - Winter 2017: Prototyping Access to Justice

Prototyping Access to Justice

Winter 2016: Exploding the Fine Print

Legal Design Lab class poster - exploding the fine print-02

Autumn 2015: Consumer Contracts redesign

Legal Design Lab class poster - consumer contracts-01

Spring 2015: Intro to Legal Design

In Spring 2015, we offered the class Intro to Legal Design at Stanford Law School & d.school.

It’s a 4-credit class for law, business, and engineering students to learn the essentials of design thinking & service design, and apply them to real-world problems of law firms, legal aid groups, and other legal orgs.

It is taught by Margaret Hagan (SLS fellow, d.school lecturer) & James Williams (Privacy Engineer at Google, also with JD and finishing his PhD in Computer Science). We are partnered with 6 different legal organizations to give student teams hands-on experience in tackling legal service design challenges.

Students work in teams of 3-4, in an 8-week design cycle, to map the status quo, define a design brief and user profiles, generate concept ideas for new solutions, and prototype and test one promising concept. The final deliverables are mock-ups of a vetted prototype, an action plan for how it can be piloted by the partner organization, and a process write-up of how the team operated.

Students learn a mix of innovative and practical skills, meant to train them for 21st century legal practice — as well as alternative, hybrid, and entrepreneurial careers in law. The primary learning outcome is to learn how to use human-centered design to solve complex service challenges.

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Legal Design Toolbox poster

Use our toolbox to find design and development tools to use when building legal products & services, or building new legal organizations & culture.

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