New Spaces of Justice: webinar

The Stanford Legal Design Lab is organizing a public webinar on Wednesday (11/11) at 1pm ET (10am PST) in collaboration with Harvard GSD and Virgil Abloh. These last couple of months, we have been working on designing prototypes for online courts and virtual legal services. During the webinar, we will showcase the prototypes and delve into the topic of how we can design new legal services and systems during the pandemic. Come and join us! Registration link:

Official invitation description:

The immediate and improvised nature of the COVID shutdown in the spring of 2020 did not only bring to light systemic justice problems, but created new ones too. One such is the accelerated digitization of the judicial system. This session of the New Spaces of Justice workshop addresses real-time challenges faced by the courts and its users and rethink analog and virtual court infrastructures, buildings, symbols and artifacts through a human-centered lens.

Part 1 The Case for Law, Architecture & Paradisciplinary Design

Part 2 Five Case Studies

Part 3 Virgil Abloh in conversation with Clemens A. Landau, the presiding judge of Utah’s Salt Lake City Justice Court

New Spaces of Justice multidisciplinary workshop between Nóra Al Haider (the Legal Design Lab at Stanford University), Oana Stănescu (OS Studio) and Virgil Abloh.

This workshop would not have been possible without Danielle Hirsch (Principal Court Management Consultant at the National Center for State Courts), Zachary Zarnow (Consultant with the National Center for State Courts), Judge Landau (Presiding Judge of Utah’s Salt Lake City Justice Court), Heather Scheiwe Kulp (Circuit Court Administrator and former Alternative Dispute Resolution Coordinator with the New Hampshire Judicial Branch), Frances Paparigian (Self-Represented Litigant Coordinator at the 19th Judicial Circuit Court), Stacey Marz (Administrative Director of the Alaska Court System), Katherine Wurmfeld (Director of Family Court Programs at the Center for Court Innovation), Margaret Hagan (Executive Director, Stanford Legal Design Lab), Roda Nour (Standford University) and Arta Perezic (Harvard GSD).

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