Law School Redesigned: Ideas from the MSU Design Workshop

In late February, I ran a half-day workshop with students and professors at Michigan State College of Law. The goal of the day was to train the students in the design process, expose them to the intersection of law & design, and begin to work on some ideas that might change how law students study law, for the better.

Msu Legal Design One Sheets

We ran through a crash-course in the design process, in which each participant designed a concept design for one other participant. The scope of the challenge was: How Might We Improve the Law School Experience.

These are the designs that resulted from a quick two hours of work. Please browse through them & leave your feedback on the sidebar on each idea page!  Even a quick few thoughts will be enormously useful.

The designs are interesting as a first-draft of possible projects that law schools, the ABA, career services, or start-ups might want to consider.

They also are a source of data about the interests & values of current law students. Each of the designs is rooted in a pressing issue that matters to individual law students.  See the diversity of designs: not all are about how to learn law better, most are around quality of life, finding mentors, setting up careers, and customizing the law school experience to different types of people. These designs are feedback to the ABA & law school decision-makers, about what the frustrations, anxieties, and missing factors are in law school.

Enjoy browsing the ideas, we look forward to your feedback & input!

— Margaret Hagan

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