Design Workshop for EU General Data Protection Regulation

Join us for a one day design sprint to create visual icons for new EU privacy regulations. It’s on July 14, 10am-5pm at Stanford Law School.

We invite lawyers, designers, and anyone interested in data privacy or communicating complex information. We will work in quick, collaborative sprints to create icons to depict privacy concepts, which we’ll test and refine together.

The Presentation

Here is a copy of our presentation that lays out the GDPR and our design workshop goals

EU GDPR design workshop - legal design lab - privacy icons - Slide01

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The new European data protection framework, the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) will come into effect next year. It proposes that companies use standardized icons to help people understand how their personal data is being used by websites, apps, and other services.

This is a groundbreaking requirement to use visuals in law — but there’s little guidance about what these icons should be, or how to design them well. Our workshop aims to begin the process of creating effective, usable visuals that will fulfill the GDPR’s mandate.

Goals of the Workshop

The icons and design insights that we create during the workshop will be taken forward, for policy and academic research purposes.

Our group will test the icons more extensively with laypeople, lawyers, judges, and other experts. In the weeks following the workshop, we will run the icons through tests and refinements, so that we can propose icons that are the most effective.

We aim to both increase lay people’s understandings, and to lessen legal disputes around them.

What we did

Here is a photo gallery of our working group, and some of the sketches and design work that we produced.

Visual Design Workshop - EU GDPR - photos of workshop - 20170714_102222

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Soon, we will be publishing a small report that captures the work and findings. Please let us know if you are interested in this, and we will be happy to share it directly with you.


Monica Palmirani, Arianna Rossi, Michele Martoni, and Luca Cervone, CIRSFID, University of Bologna, and Margaret Hagan, Stanford Legal Design Lab


9.30-10.00 Breakfast

Workshop Goals

10.15-10.45: Introduction of the GDPR requirements for privacy icons +
Landscape of other Icon Projects

10.45-11.15: Focusing in on Design Briefs

Small Group Design Sprint


Report back to whole group

Testing sprint, gather feedback

Synthesize testing feedback + refine

4:00-5:00: Presentation of the outcome to the whole group, takeaways and next steps