Design Thinking for Law Professors workshop at AALS

Yesterday, I was fortunate to work with Dan Jackson of Northeastern’s NULawLab, Dan Linna of Michigan State’s Legal RnD, and Victor Quintanilla of Indiana University Law to present a talk/workshop on “Design Thinking for Law Professors” at the AALS annual meeting in San Diego. We each presented on our work on bringing innovation, design, and process

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The Legal Design Summit Recap, dispatches from Helsinki

The Legal Design Summit Recap: Uncharted Territory by Nora al-Haider, This post was originally published at the Medium publication Legal Design and Innovation Helsinki in November is dark, cold and beautiful. A place where innovation is not avoided but embraced. It is therefore only fitting that the Legal Design Summit was organized in Helsinki. The innovative area

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Community testing traffic court prototypes

  Design for Justice: Testing in the round Last week, the Legal Design Lab had our third round of workshops on Design For Justice: Traffic Courts at Stanford School. In Spring 2017, we had a 2 month sprint to discover the current landscape of problems and solutions for traffic court as an issue of procedural

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Short Book on how to run User Testing

From our most recent Autumn class on testing different prototypes to improve traffic court, our Lab team has made a Short Book that guides any lawyer, court administrator, or other innovator on how to run user testing of new ‘interventions’ with their target audience. We walk through how to recruit, schedule, and compensate user-testers —

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