Harvard A2J Lab hackathon on Service of Process

I was privileged to take part in Harvard’s A2J Lab’s one-day hackathon on how to improve Service of Process for a person going through a guardianship proceeding without a lawyer. The A2J Lab team assembled an excellent, interdisciplinary group together: legal aid lawyers, social scientist researchers, techies, UX designers, litigants, graphic artists, and behavioral scientists. 

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Smarter screening tool: SF Ticket Amnesty program

One of the central challenges in making more user-friendly legal help has been “How do we help people understand what options the legal system (or the government) has for them?” Sometimes this is called triage, or screening, or eligibility checks — but it’s about the same central problem: diagnosis. How do you make the complicated legal system

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Building new Legal Tools at the Buildathon

Last month, we hosted a Law School Buildathon at Stanford, to get law students and alumni exposed to agile, human-centered development — and to start them off on a project they’re working on. Here are some of the photos of our working session — with brainstorms, persona creation, user requirements defined, and sketches of some

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Design Review for Courts Websites

One of the Legal Design Lab’s main projects this school year is A Better Legal Internet. We’re exploring how we can make all the many resources that are provided for free online, to help lay people figure out their legal problems, be more user-friendly. Our research has pointed us to a big demand for official,

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