Traffic Court visual guides

We have our 2 final visual guides to traffic court completed, thanks to hard pro bono work of designer Kursat Ozenc. This follows our survey online with a few different options — thank you for your feedback. This is all part of our Design for Justice class that began this past Spring Quarter. These designs

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A Call for Law Schools to Link the Curricular Trends of Legal Tech and Mindfulness, by Katrina Lee

The law professor Katrina Lee, of the Ohio State University, has published an article in the University of Toledo, on the links between empathy, mindfulness, and creativity along with legal technology. She integrates references to legal design as one method toward this — highlighting the Legal Design Lab’s work in creating new modes of education

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Icons for Legal Help

Check out our newly released page of free icons, to represent different legal help issues, things, and processes. We’ve created these icons as open-source resources for courts, legal aid, and other advocates to use when trying to make their materials more engaging and understandable. It is part of our larger project, A Better Legal Internet

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