Prototyping Blockchain for Law

Our team is planning to out 2-day pop-up class, in January 2017, for lawyers and others, on how we can scope concrete applications of Blockchain in legal use cases. It’s aimed at Stanford Law Students and other Stanford university students, to get them literate in Blockchain, and out of ‘magical thinking’ about the power of

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Whiteboard and Black-Letter: Visual Communication in Commercial Contracts by Jay A. Mitchell

There is a new Legal Design publication in the world! Whiteboard and Black-Letter: Visual Communication in Commercial Contracts by Stanford Law professor Jay A. Mitchell. It will soon be published in the University of Pennsylvania’s Journal of Business Law. Here is the abstract for the paper: Scholars are increasingly exploring the intersections of visual expression

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Eviction Legal Help workshop

Last Wednesday, Stanford 2nd year law student, and PhD candidate, Daniel Bernal led a design workshop on his project to create better legal help interventions for Pima County, Arizona residents facing eviction. We had 25 participants from around the law school, design school, and professional lawyers and legal clinics who work on housing law. Daniel

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Law + Design workbook

For last month’s Law + Design summit, I created a workbook that guides a person or team through a legal design cycle. I share it here in the spirit of open access. Please feel free to use on your own projects, and get a taste of what the design process can offer to your problem-solving.

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