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The app Shake is an example of a Legal Product design, which also ventures into the territory of a service design. The app is a redesign of how two people can make a binding agreement.  It builds a new way for people to create a quick contract and then agree to it — all through an app & email/messaging.

From their site:

We strive to combine the simplicity, convenience, and collaborative spirit of a handshake with the protection of a legal agreement. Shake was founded in 2012 by an experienced team of entrepreneurs and investors. We have decades of startup and executive leadership experience at companies such as Google, Spotify, AOL, BuzzFeed, and RRE Ventures.


Check out the Shake App on the App Store on iTunes, it’s free! It’s iTunes description:

Create, sign, and send legally binding agreements in seconds, all from your phone.

– Hiring a freelancer?

– Need a nondisclosure agreement (NDA)?

– Buying something on Craigslist?

– Loaning money to a friend?

– Selling or Renting something for your small business?

Getting on the same page with the other person is the best way to avoid disputes down the road. Shake makes it simple to document the important terms and get the deal done quickly and confidently. Making it legal doesn’t have to be complicated!

Templates provided in the app include:

– Freelance graphic design agreement

– Freelance writing agreement

– Freelance photography agreement

– Freelance software development agreement

– General freelance work agreement

– Buy/Sell Agreement (Bill of Sale)

– Rent/Lend Agreement (Rental agreement)

– Loan Money Agreement (Promissory note)

– Keep Confidential Agreement (Nondisclosure Agreement/NDA)

We also allow you to create your own agreements. Jot down the terms like you would on a napkin or a piece of paper then sign and send a copy to both parties. All you need to make a contract binding is a clear offer, acceptance and consideration. It doesn’t have to be long and complex!

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