Prototyping Blockchain for Law: the pop-up class

On Jan. 12-13th, Stanford Legal Design Lab is hosting a pop-up class, Prototyping Blockchain for Law. In it, Stanford students from law and beyond will learn about the essentials of blockchain, how it is being applied in the legal system (and how it might be in the near future), and how to scope out new applications for blockchain in the law.

On the first day, students will learn with lectures and hands-on activities, to get literate in Blockchain. We will be joined by guest lecturers Jeff Ward of Duke Law and Aaron Wright of Cardozo Law.

On the second day, we will form small teams, each to work on a different possible use case for blockchain in the law.

Using the design process, the teams will work with the partner to think through the legal and business needs at stake, and then will diagram and prototype out how Blockchain might be applied. The goal is to have the students actively think through the technology, logistics, and human factors of Blockchain, for those who are interested in launching new Blockchain-based projects, or for those who want to improve their 21st century lawyer skills.

Stanford students, please fill in the RSVP form below. If you’re not a Stanford student, but are interested in participating in future Blockchain for Law sessions — you can fill in the form and we’ll add you to future outreach.

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