Legal Design Fellowship applications for 2015-16

We are very excited to announce that the Legal Design Lab, a branch of Stanford Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession, has opened applications for a one-year legal design fellowship. It is aimed at people who will be completing a JD program this year, or who have got their JD in the past year or two.

Legal Design Fellowship application

The goal of the fellowship is to give the fellow a year in which to tackle a big challenge in legal services and profession using design-driven methods. We do not expect fellowship candidates to have their ‘solution’ all worked out at the beginning — rather we are looking for someone who is passionate about a certain issue in the world of legal services and who has some experience in legal technology, design, and innovation and wants a year fellowship to build these skills even further.

We see this fellowship year as an incubation year, in which the fellow will be able to work on launching innovations around their challenge area with the support of the Legal Design Lab and faculty at Stanford Law School. The fellow will be given opportunities for leadership, including teaching, running events and workshops, creating new products and services, and publishing their findings.

If you are a JD who is passionate about making the legal system fairer, more user-centered, more efficient, and in all ways better — and who is interested in taking creative, experimental approaches to do so — we invite you to submit your application to the fellowship program.

Please also send a note if you have questions about the program or eligibility for it.

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