LegalTech Startup Weekend in SF

Legal Tech Startup Weekend SF

We’re excited to see one of our affiliates, Beth McCarthy, co-launch a LegalTech Startup Weekend, this weekend Aug. 15-17th, at the AirBnB offices in downtown San Francisco.

Another one of our affiliates, Maya Shino, will be contributing her legal design guidance to the event & acting as a mentor; affiliate Briane Cornish will be participating, building a project out; and affiliate Ron Dolin will be involved in judging the teams’ work and giving a keynote talk. Our program is also a Community Sponsor of the event.

Here are the details of the events below — there’s still time to sign up to participate.

We’re excited to see the projects, collaborations & new networks that grow out of the weekend.

The intersection of law and technology presents unique challenges and exciting opportunities for growth and creativity. Recent years have seen a surge of answers to law’s need for innovation, such as e-discovery tools, contract generation apps, law practice management SaaS, virtual firms, and websites changing the way lawyers research. Myriad possibilities remain to integrate tech into solutions for consumers, attorneys, businesses, and the government. SF LegalTech Startup Weekend will bring together legal professionals, policy geeks, programmers, designers and students to innovate the legal services market and bring it into the 21st Century – one solution at a time.

Teams will form on Friday evening, August 15th and have until Final Presentations on Sunday, August 17th to tackle the four challenges and compete for a chance at awesome prizes.

The challenges will address:

(1) Access to justice for consumers

(2) Development and implementation of legal tech tools

    • for other industries
    • for in-house counsel
    • for law firms
    • for document/knowledge management

(3) Open-sourcing the law

(4) Legal Education

    • for more informed citizenry
    • for law school curricula


SF LegalTech SW will:

(1) Leverage the knowledge of legal professionals and students to explore new directions for legal tech products, services, and resources.

(2) Foster positive relationships among Bay Area law schools and the local tech and legal communities.

(3) Provide the opportunity for people across industries to brainstorm, collaborate, design, and develop innovative products and services to address challenges facing the legal system.

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