Keep Calm and Carry On? Disruption in the UK Legal Market

Keep Calm and Carry On - Disruptions in the UK Market Place

From Stanford Law’s Center on the Legal Profession:


May 5, 2014 12:45pm2:00pm
Room 280B

In many ways, the legal market in the United Kingdom is experiencing more far reaching changes than that of the United States.  Catalyzed by the 2007 enactment of the Legal Services Act which allowed for non-lawyer ownership of law firms, the UK legal market is seeing many new entrants changing the way legal services are offered and understood.  What are the most profound changes and who is leading the charge?  What are the implications for American firms, where reform to the rules has been slow in coming?  Riverview Law, one of the most closely watched of these new entrants, is a legal advisory outsourcing business offering a fixed-price model for both legal processing work and legal advice.  Karl Chapman, co-founder and CEO of Riverview, and Andy Daws, Vice-President of North America, will discuss the successes and challenges of the Legal Services Act, innovators changing the UK legal market, and implications for the US regulation of the profession and legal market with Ralph Baxter, Chair Emeritus of Orrick, and Stephanie Kimbro and Ron Dolin, fellows with the Stanford Center on the Legal Profession.

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