Rechtwijzer 2.0: Interactive platform to justice

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The Netherlands’ HiiL: Innovating Justice group has a well-developed project that is part triage (getting consumers to legal resources) and part dispute resolution.  Check it out (with your Google Translate on, perhaps)!

Interactive platform to justice: Rechtwijzer 2.0

Portal - Rechtwijzer

Conflicts and disputes are hard facts about life that anyone can encounter. Solving the disputes however can become time consuming, costly and frustrating. Rechtwijzer 2.0 is a follow up project to the innovative Rechtwijzer 1.0, a website provided by Dutch Legal Aid Board (Raad van Rechtsbijstand) elevating the efficiency of judicial system.

A successful Rechtwijzer 1.0

Rechtwijzer 1.0 was designed to assist people to get directed to a lawyer or juridical support. Put simply it is an appropriate, trustable legal helping hand that would assist people throughout their conflicts. Rechtwijzer has taken one step further to enhance its services from diagnosing and referral, into dispute-solving in Rechtwijzer 2.0.

The added advantage of this legal project is promoting and offering effective and efficient problem-solving that will benefit all of the parties involved. Reaching for justice and fairness The goal of the improved website is to enable all parties in the conflict to interact on one platform. If the problem remains unsolved, an online mediator would get involved and in case the mediator does not succeed in reaching a settlement, a judge will come in the picture and take it further. There will be user fees applicable to the services offline and online.

Rechtwijzer 2.0

Rechtwijzer 2.0 will handle different types of conflicts and is going to operate internationally. Target audiences of this project besides the international public, include legal experts, lawyers and judges who will have separate intake conversations with the clients on the Rechtwijzer platform and bring their perspective into one coherent online profile.

The Dutch Legal Aid Board has been the co-creator of this project. Together with HiiL, capable groups of lawyers, experts, mediators and legal advisors specialised in different aspects of law (e.g. divorce law and consumer protection law) have been selected and assigned to make this project work. Rechtwijzer 2.0 will be a platform to diagnose disputes, dialogue and negotiation on problems, offering third party mediation and coaching and finally judication. A prototype will be online by the end of September 2013 and the first actual version will be launched during the spring of 2014.

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