Introducing the crowd labeling tool Learned Hands

At Codex FutureLaw today, our Lab, in partnership with Suffolk’s LIT Lab, debuted a new machine learning for access to justice project. We have a working prototype of Learned Hands, a tool that lets lawyers label the legal issues present in people’s online descriptions of problems, and courts’ self-help resources.

Our Initial Protocol

  • Gather datasets of people’s legal help queries, and legal help resources from courts and legal aid groups
  • Label them via crowd tool, Learned Hands
  • Release labeled data sets for wider community
  • Train machine learning models using these labels
  • Develop matching lay/official ontologies of legal help issues — to translate between them
  • Design + test what interventions we can use this work towards: what benefit can we bring people?

We will write up this initiative further in coming weeks – stay tuned.

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