Drawing for Lawyers

Today at Stanford, our Lab hosted a Drawing for Lawyers session. We had 25 students come to learn the basics of drawing shapes, people, legal things and places, and finally, complex legal concepts. The session was led by Margaret Hagan, Tugrul Karacan (an illustrator and journalist), and Kursat Ozenc (a user experience designer).

In one hour, we went through exercises to build basic confidence in making sketchy visuals to improve thinking and communicating. Later sessions will dig into making high-resolution digital images, and facilitating meetings and conversations with sketchnoting.

This introductory session was about welcoming more law students and lawyers into the world of design, giving basic confidence in drawing things, people, faces, and legal items, and then scouting out other sessions we can teach to empower the lawyers even more with visual design communication strength.

Here are some of the sketches (including some cats and dogs — not all of the visual practice was around legal issues…).


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