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We have just opened applications to join a Legal Innovators Network, of people based at universities or other research institutions who are researching how we can bring innovation to the legal system & how we can train a new generation of JDs (and beyond) who will be leaders in legal innovation.

This network is the brainchild of Kanan Dhru & Margaret Hagan. The idea emerged as we personally shared resources & notes about how we’ve been able to build up our own careers in legal design and innovative work. Now we want to scale this up, and find ways to open the conversation more widely, with more resource-sharing, more advice-giving, and more supportive collaboration among people across the globe working to change how JDs are trained, produce better research on improvements to the legal profession, and implementing creative new interventions to increase access to justice.

Want to join this network? We’re limiting it to people who are based at universities and research institutions to begin with.

Please fill out this form in order to be considered for joining the Network. We will be admitting a small group in the beginning to test out what activities work best. Then we will open up the Network to a wider group once we’ve got a standard protocol that works.

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