Online Legal Appathon

Online LEgal Appathon
The Online Legal Appathon begins this week — it’s a virtual session to encourage people to build more legal info/services tools. It is sponsored by the ABA Techshow & MIT Media Lab.

Here’s the use-case:

Have you spent hours scouring the web for that program, that app, that calculator that will help you solve a law practice problem? How many times have you thought, “I wish there was an app for that!” or said, “I’ll just build it myself!” – then realized that you’re a lawyer not a programmer? Well, we can’t make you a programmer, but we might be able to help bring that great idea to life. The ABA TECHSHOW has teamed up with the MIT Media Lab to host an online appathon and we are looking for your great ideas.

And some more of the logistics:

The Online Legal Appathon is an event both for fully virtual participation by individuals and teams as well as supporting teams working in participating physical venues. Venues are tentatively expected so far in Brooklyn, Boston and Seattle. The online event will connect with conference activities in Chicago at the ABA Techshow.

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