Design Thinking by Tim Brown

Reading List - Design Thinking by Tim Brown

IDEO CEO & President Tim Brown has a great piece in the Harvard Business Review back in 2008, an introduction to Design Thinking, particularly for managers & businesspeople looking to innovate in how they serve their customers. It gives an overview into design thinking process & mindsets, as well as the connection to how it can apply in a corporate setting.

Tim Brown has an ongoing blog, Design Thinking, with more short pieces on design thinking applied to various issues & professions. He has a full-length 2009 book, Change By Design, that goes even more into detail about how design thinking can bring organizations into more innovative, experimental territories.

He doesn’t make any explicit connection between design thinking & legal orgs, but his examples and process carry clear promise for how law firms, non-profits & courts could use design to improve their client relationships, internal work culture & service offerings.

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