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Legal Tech and Design - Clearer LEgal Information conference

The UK’s Simplification Centre is holding a conference on the simplification of legal information: Clearer Legal Information, 9 April 2014.

We’re delighted to announce a half-day conference, jointly organized with the Information Design Association and Clarity.

Many lawyers have accepted the need for clear English. This event reports on developments that go further, using visualisation and design thinking to make legal documents and websites more usable and comprehensible. It covers different types of legal information, including legislation and contracts.

It follows on from Information Design Matters, the conference of the Information Design Association on 7-8 April, and you can get a discount if you go to both. Clarity members also get a discount. Book by 14 March to get the Early Bird price.

Speakers (provisional titles)

Carol Tullo, The National Archive, on the usability of online legislation.

Hayley Rogers, Office of the Parliamentary Counsel, on the Good Law initiative.

Rob Waller, the Simplification Centre: Layered formats for legal information.

Helena Haapio, University of Vaasa, Finland, and Stefania Passera, Aalto University, Helsinki: Visualisation in commercial contracts.

Tobias Mahler, Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law: Codifying the visualisation of legal norms.

Olivia Zarcate, Imagidroit, Paris: introduction to the newly launched Legal Information Design network.

Tim Cummins, President and CEO, International Association for Contract and Commercial Management: introduction to the new IACCM Contract Design Award Programme.

Daphne Perry, UK representative for Clarity: introduction to Clarity.


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