Startup Weekend Legal Tech in Seattle, October 10th, 2014

Seattle Legal Tech Startup Weekend

You can now sign up to join the Seattle Legal Tech Startup Weekend, that is coming up this October.  Thanks to James Williams & Dan Lear for the notice!  The event’s official description:

Join us for the first-ever legal technology Startup Weekend event hosted in Seattle October 10-12, 2014 at WeWork

In his influential op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal Marc Andreessen said, “Companies in every industry need to assume that a software revolution is coming.” We, the organizers of the Seattle Legal Tech Startup Weekend, believe that: (1) when Andreessen said “every industry” he meant every industry, (2) the legal industry is no exception to Andreessen’s statement, and (3) frankly, we can’t hasten disruption to the legal industry fast enough.

Who has ever worked with a lawyer or the legal system? Who of you found that to be a friendly, user-responsive, consumer-focused, efficient experience? Through this event you (be you a lawyer, a developer, an entrepreneur, a business leader, or simply a world citizen) can be a part of changing that!

The Seattle Legal Tech Startup Weekend will provide participants an opportunity to rethink the delivery of legal services, from wills, to dispute resolution, to trial tech and beyond. At this weekend-long competition participants will form teams to tackle projects to bring the practice of law, the delivery of legal services, and the administration of justice into the 21st Century.

All participants will have the opportunity to pitch project concepts, and teams form organically. Here are some examples of project areas:

Access to justice – making conflict resolution accessible and affordable

Legal tools for lawyers – streamline, automate, leverage, and scale

Open-source the law – transparent democracy with a hint of punk

Legal education – beam the legal academy out of the Middle Ages

The opportunities to make legal services, the court systems, and the law itself more transparent, available, accessible, and consumable are abundant. Further, these opportunities have exciting intersections with access to justice, social entrepreneurship, disruption of an industry ripe for it, innovation, big data challenges, and many others.

In short: Lawyers + developers + entrepreneurs + innovators = AWESOMENESS. Finally, irreverence will not only be tolerated, it’s encouraged!

See you there!


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