Access by Design working group: online review of legal self-help sites

Our Access by Design working group has kicked off its work with an online review of one legal Self-Help site — the California Courts’ Online Self-Help Center.

Program for Legal Tech and Design - Access by Design working group online design review of self help site

We are using the free design review tool Marqueed for a first round of review.  This tool allows you to take an image or screenshot of a website, and then annotate & converse about it.  We are using Marqueed to do an initial round of feedback of the current design flow & interface elements of the Self-Help Center. Some of the topics of conversation:

  • What is working and what is not?
  • How would different users react to this composition, to these options?
  • What should be moved?
  • What needs to be amplified?
  • What needs to be scrapped?

This online design review will get the group moving towards a set of prioritized targets of what needs to be redesigned, as well as generating some ideas about what could be a more navigable & engaging interface.  It also starts to get the group thinking about who the different users of the site are, and what their perspective, priorities, and mindset will be when going through the site.

These conversations will be parsed & structured to guide our actual design work in the next stage: mocking up redesign suggestions for the Self-Help center.

If you are interested in joining in on the online design review, you can sign up to join the working group here.


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