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Ushahidi - Legal Tech and Desgin

Ushahidi is a platform to develop a crowdsourced map of information. Here is its Github repository.

The Ushahidi Platform is an open source web application for information collection, vizualisation and interactive mapping. It allows people to collect and share their own stories using various mediums such as SMS, Web Forms, Email or Twitter. For more information about the platform and use cases (case studies) visit:

It’s free for you to use & develop on, under its open source license. It is very popular among democracy activists & journalists.

Free & Open Source

The Ushahidi Platform is free for you to download and use. It is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Interactive Mapping

One of the most powerful ways to visualize information is to display it on a map. The Ushahidi platform give you rich information mapping tools.

Dynamic Timeline

Track your reports on the map and over time. You can filter your data by time and then see when things happened and where, as it’s also tied to the map.

Multiple Data Streams

The Ushahidi Platform allows you to easily collect information via text messages, email, twitter and web-forms.


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