Legal Design Lab: Consumer Contracts class this quarter at Stanford

I am co-teaching a seminar/lab this quarter at Stanford Law School, in which we’re working with students to examine how business-to-consumer contracts could be more effective, more comprehensible, and more engaging. How can we explode the notion of legal fine-print disclosures, or terms & conditions, or privacy policies — and make for communications of legal information that are more meaningful, and with better experience?

We’re particularly focused on corporate privacy policies as our target for redesigns. I’ll be posting more prototypes as they emerge. Right now, we are transitioning from research and analysis of the dynamics at play and the stakeholders’ interests in these business-to-consumer contracts. We are entering into the design cycle, defining target users, target content, and design briefs. Next week: brainstorming and prototyping.

Here are some photos of the class in action.

2015-10-22 09.41.25

2015-10-20 17.54.54

2015-10-20 17.54.51

2015-10-20 17.54.56

2015-10-20 17.50.04

2015-10-27 18.00.11

2015-10-27 17.37.37

2015-10-27 17.37.08

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