Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Navigator

This Legal Navigator project aims to provide a scalable set of legal training, knowledge & resources to serve the surging number of unaccompanied immigrant children in the US. Over the past several years, there has been a surge in the number of children crossing into the US alone, and when they are apprehended by government officials, often they do not have access to legal representation when they go through immigration proceedings. The demand for legal representation far outweighs the supply, even with more non-profits and pro bono groups working to increase representation of unaccompanied children.

We are using technology & human-centered design to build a user-friendly, interactive platform that will guide users through how to navigate legal processes on behalf of unaccompanied children.  It offers a coordinated, scalable way to supply legal help to the surging numbers of undocumented children who are arriving in the US.

It will give lawyers, children’s advocates, children themselves, and their families the knowledge about the legal processes & rules that apply to immigrant children, as well as the resources and support to navigate the legal system strategically, efficiently, and in the best interest of the children.

This specific Legal Navigator project is part of a larger initiative to make legal processes open to everyone through human-centered design and technology. We are building accessible, intuitive, interactive resources that support the expert & lay user alike.

These tools help the users to understand what the law is, how it applies to their situation, and how they can navigate the legal system effectively. The goal is that everyone — regardless of means, education, or familiarity with law — can take full advantage of the legal system to resolve their problems, while also protecting themselves from costly, inefficient, and unjust outcomes.

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