Get your Legal Aid or Court website to appear better on Google Search

As part of our Better Legal Internet project, our team — including Metin Eskili and Margaret Hagan — have created a tool for legal aid, clinics, and courts to ensure that they appear better on search results pages.

How to do this? Use the power of Markup — put these tags on your website, under the hood, in your website’s headers. You can generate Schema.Org Markup code for your website using our free tool here.

If more legal services organizations use this markup, this will improve how search engines present and rank your site when people do searches for you, or for issues and services you cover. Ideally, your organization will be featured in priority boxes, with maps, images, links, and other actionable paths for people to follow.

The tool is free, it takes under 10 minutes, and it should have substantial improvement for how you appear on Search Results. Let us know what you think!

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