Prototyping new ways of laying out a legal process

Earlier this month, Jose and I ran a sprint in which we worked together to think through how we might better lay out instructions, resources, and support for a lawyer trying to follow an unfamiliar legal process. 

Jose had already made some example process maps of M&A transactions. I have been working on this for family law and immigration for the Lab’s Navocado project.

From our design sketches and Jose’s digital mapping, now we are making a web application that allows for a storyboard + a checklist. It will show the bird’s eye view of how to do a process, and then the user can dig into specific checklists of what to do and some automation to do it quicker.

It should be more:

  • actionable
  • automated
  • visual

As compared to current long text guides, which lay out steps to follow in paragraphs, saved as .docs or as .pdfs.

Check back for more updates on this — it will be integrated in Navocado, and into Jose’s work too!

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