ABA Commission on the Future of Legal Services’ final report

ABA - Future of Legal Services reportThe ABA’s Commission on the Future of Legal Services has issued its final report on what the future will be for legal products and services in the US. It’s based on several years of research, analysis, and brainstorming about how the legal profession can adapt to the changing environment of technology and regulations, as well as how to best serve the lay public.

The American public deserves accessible and affordable legal services, and the legal profession has a special obligation to advance this goal. From 2014 to 2016, the American Bar Association Commission on the Future of Legal Services examined various reasons why meaningful access to legal services remains out of reach for too many Americans. The Commission also studied traditional and evolving delivery models for legal services, scrutinized the strengths and weaknesses of the profession and justice system that impact the delivery of legal services, and developed recommendations for ensuring that the next generation of legal services more effectively meets the public’s needs.

The report is available for download, and there is also a beautiful website offering media and excerpts from the report.

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