How artificial intelligence is transforming the legal profession, by Julie Sobowale at the ABA Journal

Artificial Intelligence

Julie Sobowale has a new piece, as of April 2016, in the ABA Journal called ‘How artificial intelligence is transforming the legal profession’

Artificial intelligence is changing the way lawyers think, the way they do business and the way they interact with clients. Artificial intelligence is more than legal technology. It is the next great hope that will revolutionize the legal profession.

Change can be brought on through pushing existing ideas. What makes artificial intelligence stand out is the potential for a paradigm shift in how legal work is done.

AI, sometimes referred to as cognitive computing, refers to computers learning how to complete tasks traditionally done by humans. The focus is on computers looking for patterns in data, carrying out tests to evaluate the data and finding results.

See the full article here, to read more about the coming of machine learning, text analytics, natural language processing, and other artificial intelligence coming into legal research and services.

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