Prototyping Access to Justice class in spring 2016

Legal Design Lab class poster - prototyping access to justice - 600px

Are you interested in making a complex, bureaucratic system more user-friendly for lay people?

Do you want to build new tech and design solutions to help people going through serious life problems?

We are very excited to announce the Stanford Law School Spring 2016 class Prototyping Access to Justice, Law 415F. This is a project-based class. Our primary work will be on-site design sessions at the San Mateo and Santa Clara County Courts’ self-help centers.

We will work in teams to identify key challenges, and then devise and test new solutions to help lay people trying to use the courts to solve their problems (like eviction, bankruptcy, child custody, and divorce). In addition, we will have short seminars and guest speakers about bringing innovation into bureaucracies like the court system.

The class is partnered with the California Judicial Council, the policymaking body of the California courts. We will be developing new concept designs and strategies for them to make courts more intuitive, more efficient, and more engaging.

If you are a Stanford graduate student, we welcome you to sign up for the course. It is not only for law students — and we encourage students with no experience in law to apply.

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