The Work of a Legal R&D Lab

What kind of work can a Legal Services R&D lab do? This has been one of my central thoughts over the past three years. And here is one sketch of the vision I’m developing — an overview of the main work such a Lab can do.

Legal Design Initiative - high level workI used one of my favorite design tools — the 2×2 matrix — to lay out the key camps of work along some central vectors (number 1: more design-oriented work vs. more advancement of the field) and (number 2: more creative work, coming up with new ideas, versus spreading them).

I’m using this to structure what the Legal Design Initiative will be doing going forward. You’ll notice that the particular challenges aren’t defined — it could be focused on access issues, law firm ones, court’s experience, or creation of better regulation. This map is for the higher-level work, that could be applied to many different topics.

This sketch is a draft — and also a target map for work. Let me know what you think!

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