Social Good Tech Week Hackathon

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This Saturday at Mozilla in SF, there is a Social Good Tech Week. It is free to sign up to join, and then attend with either your own idea for a social impact tech-project, or a willingness to work on another person’s idea.

social good tech week

Saturday Jan 31 Mozilla will host a hackathon to bring participants together to collaboratively build and launch mobile or web apps aimed at solving a particular social good problem. Teams will be form behind a social good tech solution pitched at the hackathon. Participants will be placed in small groups of up-to five people over a two day period building a prototype to showcase on Sunday.

Not a programmer or coder? Join us for workshops in basic 101 programming. Workshops will be provided for all inexperience programmers who would like to start building their competencies in coding.

All project/prototypes will be showcased at the end of the day. Everyone is invited to see what amazing solutions were created over the weekend.

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