Visual Law Meetup

Interested in learning some graphic design skills?
Want to make your law outlines into visual flowcharts?
Or learn how to make visualizations for your next presentation or report?

Come to our Visual Law Meetup next Friday, anytime from 3-7pm, at Stanford, Studio 1.  This is a session for people who want to use visuals more effectively in their legal communications.  You don’t need to be artistically inclined or have any design experience to come!

Visual law meetup 600

A team of designers & lawyers will be holding an open-doors working session.  We’ll have resources for you & also coach you through making specific visuals you want to create.  And you can join us on making pro bono legal visuals for use in self-help centers.

Come by for as long as you like. We’ll have resources for you on:

– what software to use on your desktop or tablet to make visuals
– how to choose the right visual for your communication
– what essential design principles and prohibitions should be guiding your work
– templates and examples to get inspired by

RSVP here if get a chance.
Any questions?  Email me at

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