D.school exhibition on Legal Design

Last month I concluded my year-long fellowship at Stanford’s d.school with an exhibit on my Legal Design work.

I gave a quick talk, along with other fellows, about my experience at the d.school — and then presented a studio’s worth of work, displaying the various classes & workshops that I’ve led, along with my writings & drawings on legal design.

Please enjoy images from the exhibit below.

2014-06-16 18.13.41 2014-06-16 18.13.27 2014-06-16 18.13.02 2014-06-16 18.12.04 2014-06-16 18.11.44 2014-06-16 18.11.12 2014-06-16 18.10.45 2014-06-16 18.10.35 2014-06-16 18.10.26


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