Plea Agreement Project class

Plea Agreement Project class Defendants in the system

This April at the, we will be offering a 5-session pop-up class on Redesigning Criminal Justice.

The topic will be Redesigning the Plea Agreement Experience, for the entire justice system — from the perspective of defendants, attorneys, and court staff.

  • Can Plea Agreements be made clearer for defendants to understand?
  • Can we help facilitate better discussions about them between defendants & defense attorneys?
  • What additional information & statistics could we provide that would help defendants see their options & weigh them?

Right, now, we’re looking for defense attorneys, prosecutors, and past defendants to participate in the class.

The student groups will be interviewing these participants to generate ideas for new designs — and then testing with them in a later class. We’ll need their time — either in person at the, or over video/chat connection — for two evening classes.

The goal of the class is to generate new, feasible ideas that could be useful to attorneys, defendants, judges & court staff.  If you’d like to participate as an interviewee/tester, or if you know someone who might do so, please be in touch!

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