Idea Vote: Redesigning Criminal Justice

Legal Design Idea Vote - Criminal Justice

The Challenge

We invite you to vote for one idea for redesigning the criminal justice system.

We are offering a pop-up class on Redesigning Criminal Justice at Stanford’s this Spring. As our teaching team plans out our design challenge(s) for the class, we are opening up the discussion to the public.

Which of these problems do you think is most deserving of a redesign? What would you most like to work on? What would you like to see Stanford students working on?

Each visitor gets one vote.  Feel free to leave comments at the form at the bottom of the page — for additional design challenges, or for concepts on the ideas proposed here. We want to hear from you!

The Ideas

[psv-section section=1]Plea Agreements:

How might we help criminal defendants better understand & respond to plea offers?[/psv-section] [psv-section section=2]Juvenile Pre-Sentence Reports:

How might we help probation officers create pre-sentence reports to provide abetter view of a juvenile facing charges in the juvenile justice system? [/psv-section] [psv-section section=3]Jury Instructions:

How might we make jury instructions more understandable to the jury?[/psv-section] [psv-section section=”4″]Criminal Lawyers’ Experience:

How might we improve the working experience of both DAs and public defenders?[/psv-section] [psv-section section=”5″]Stop and Frisk:

How might we address the concerns of an individual who has been stopped and frisk? [/psv-section] [psv-section section=”6″]Rape Kits:

How might we improve the processing and use of rape kits?[/psv-section] [psv-section section=”7″]Court Dates:

How might we improve the defendants’ attendance rate at court dates?[/psv-section] [psv-section section=”8″]Crim Documents:

How might we improve the document management system used by police, prosecutors and defense attorneys? [/psv-section] [psv-section section=”9″]Victim Support:

How might we enable victims of abuse and domestic violence to better reach out for emergency support?[/psv-section] [psv-section section=”10″]Police Encounters:

How might we help people to better navigate their encounters with the police as it’s happening?[/psv-section] [psv-section section=”11″]Progressive Policing:

How might we improve the relations between the police and communities?[/psv-section] [psv-section section=”12″]Prisoners’ Rights:

How might we support prisoners make truthful complaints about the conditions of their confinement, without flooding the system with unsupported complaints?[/psv-section]

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