Law By Design, class 1

Last night was the first of our 5-session class at Stanford’s, on Law By Design: Making Law People-Friendly.  We had 30 students from all different areas of study working on how we might redesign estate planning & end-of-life planning.

Our class is following the design process, with each session focused on a different part of the design process.  Our first class was focused on user research, empathy, and interviewing.  We brought in 12 people to be interviewees — providing the input that the students can then use to start designing new products.

Here are some photos from last night:
2014-01-21 18.45.19

2014-01-21 18.45.22

2014-01-21 18.55.59

2014-01-21 19.40.05

2014-01-21 19.40.28

2014-01-21 19.40.46

2014-01-21 20.09.25

2014-01-21 20.09.29

2014-01-21 20.12.38

2014-01-21 20.12.45

2014-01-21 20.12.51

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