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Anti-Fraud Comics

ILRC’s Anti-Fraud comic books are being made available to non-profit agencies and organizations throughout the United States. These agencies are gathering places for families and communities and are therefore well-placed to make these comic books available to the people who will most benefit from them.

What are ILRC’s Anti-Fraud Comics?

IIRC has produced 2 versions of a comic book designed to educate the public about the dangers of immigration fraud. These books provide people with information, referrals and other support to deal with some of the most common types of immigration fraud scams. The Spanish language version (and its English translation) describe the “The 10 Year Benefit/Cancellation of Removal Scam,” and “the New Amnesty Scam,” while the Chinese version (and its English translation) describe the “Labor Certification Scam,” and the “Naturalization Disability Waiver Scam.”

These comic books were originally developed for distribution throughout the nine county San Francisco Bay Area, but we have now created two additional editions, one for distribution throughout California and one that can be used nationwide. The California statewide edition and the national addition are only available online, in downloadable form. The California statewide edition and the national edition do not contain lists of referrals; however there is a space set aside for agencies to insert the names of local, trustworthy practitioners to whom they can refer immigrants in their particular area.

Why is this information important?

Immigrants and their families need to be very careful when seeking out help with their immigration papers. Too often immigrants and their families are victimized by dishonest and unscrupulous immigration service providers who promise their clients a green card and then steal their money, and, even worse, sometimes get them deported.

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