Legal Design Jam

This past Friday & Saturday, we hosted a Legal Design Jam — one at Stanford’s design school, and the other at The Embassy Network in San Francisco.

Legal Design Jam - Law By Design Meetup
We were tackling Wikimedia’s new draft of a Trademark Policy, trying to transform it with visuals, to make it more usable & engaging.

Stefania Passera, an Italian PhD student from Aalto University in Finland, and Helena Haapio, a Finnish contract specialist & attorney, were our special guests.  Stefania gave excellent presentations about what information design principles & tools any legal professional should know.  Then the participants each day worked on applying these tools to visualize the draft policy.

The two days were a great prototype of future legal design sessions & hackathons.  Thanks to everyone who came out — and special thanks to Stefania for being a great leader at the events!

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