Know Your Judge, Know Your Lawyer guide

Legal Design Concepts

Judge Analysis

Users can enter in information about how judges rules, what they prefer, or other information that could be useful to future litigants & advocates.

Stats on the judges could be kept — what they’re ruling on what type of case — and what you can do/avoid to make the best of your experience with the judge.

Sentiment analysis could also be performed on the judge’s briefs or other writings, to determine what their preferences & tendencies are.

And the Lawyers Too…

Stats could also be kept on lawyers.

We could compile stats about the number of times they have acted unprofessionally or have slowed proceedings down:

  • the number of extensions they’ve asked for
  • the number of missed appointments or deadlines
  • the number of procedural problems

These stats could help us determine what lawyers are wasting resources in the system, and could incentivize greater efficiency.

There could be a reporting mechanism that potentially could be sponsored by the ABA.

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