Legal Navigator: Unaccompanied Immigrant Children


Our product roadmap lays out what kind of tools we want to build. The following list of Value Propositions details what value our target users will get from these tools. This list keeps our work oriented around their needs, so whatever we build is useful to them.

  1. Resources for Novice Lawyers: Provide strategic resources to the lawyer-user that quickly supply her with current, jurisdiction-appropriate knowledge of what the law is and how to navigate it. The resources will ensure she understands the legal process her client will go through & can competently represent/navigate the client through the process. The resources will be written in accessible language, presented in a comprehensive but staged way, and allow for easy completion of any work that the user must do to represent the client.
  2. Matching the Client’s Case to the Legal Remedy: Let the lawyer-user check what legal process best fits her client’s situation — and whether her client is eligible for certain legal benefits.
  3. Improving the Lawyer’s Work Flow: Help the lawyer-user to quickly create the work product necessary to represent her client well. This may include filling in forms that the court requests, storing data that can auto-populate documents, and assembling materials that are requested to support the petitions.
  4. Expertise & Resource Sharing: Allow expert users to share resources they have gathered or created with other advocates. The resources may include guide-manuals to navigating the process; intake forms; eligibility checkers; guides to complete legal forms; and research on how the law applies to different countries & nationals.
  5. Orienting Lay People to be Co-Pilots: Explain to non-lawyers what to expect (and not to expect) from this legal process, so that they can make more informed choices about whether they or children they know will be eligible for immigration or government benefits. And so that they can co-pilot their experiences with lawyers, advocates, and courts in a more strategic way, with more knowledge of prices, process, and requirements.

This diagram presents the main functions & interfaces for the site we’re building, and the tools that will be hosted there. For a close-up view, click on the image & zoom in — or, underneath, is a scrollable version.

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