Legal Design Working Group

Do you want to work in Legal Design & Tech?

Would you like to learn how to design & develop software for a legal project — whether it’s a new website, web app, or mobile app?

Do you have an idea for a legal project that you want to build out — whether it’s a piece of technology that helps people get legal tasks done, law students to study better, or lawyers to practice better?

Do you want to work on Access to Justice projects, using tech & design to make law more user-friendly?

Apply to join our Working Group

If you are a Stanford student, you are welcome to apply to join the Legal Design Working Group in Winter Quarter.

Based out of the, we will be working in a hands-on, project-based collaborative to launch new legal products & services. If you have your own project, you can be working on that; if you do not, you can work on projects that have been brought to us by clients.

The Working Group’s goal is to learn design, development, & project management while tackling real legal problems — so you will be able to get from ideas to implementation.

You will receive Independent Study credits for your work, through the & Mechanical Engineering department.

Apply now — all Stanford students, from the Law School & beyond, are welcome to apply to join us!

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