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Our Design & Development Projects


An open-source platform to create and publish better guides to legal processes, with a visual flowchart triage & a smart checklist process-guide.

Court Messaging System workflow app-02

Court Messaging Project

An out-of-the-box tool to let any court or legal service provider send text messages with info, reminders, and coaching to people going through the legal system.

Better internet for legal help coordinated system w many doors

Better Internet for Legal Help

A working group to promote a coordinated system of service-providers, and an ecosystem of better tools & interfaces for laypeople to use online to find legal help.

Legal Communication design - image from essential rights

Legal Communication Design

Design-driven research into more effective, engaging ways to communicate legal information — notices, policies, process, eligibility, and beyond — to lay people.

The Legal Design Toolbox

Legal Design Toolbox poster

Use our toolbox to find design and development tools to use when building legal products & services, or building new legal organizations & culture.

Currently, our program is working on several projects to advance Legal Design & Technology.

Navocado is a platform of new, visual, interactive legal guides to court processes. It also allows for experts to create these guides through easy-to-use authoring tools.

The Court Messaging Project is an open-source software solution for courts to dispatch timely reminders to juveniles that they have a court appearance to attend, and to help them prepare themselves for this appearance. It can also become a more general ‘court coach’.

The Legal Communication Design project investigates what more effective & engaging styles of communication of legal text can be.

The Legal Design Toolbox provides resources, guides, tutorials, and tools to those who want to build new legal products.

The Visual Law Library, which collects visual explanations of the law & legal process, to make it easier to learn what the law is.

Legal Innovation Workshops & Classes, in which interdisciplinary teams generate ideas for new legal products & services, using a human-centered design process and leveraging web & mobile tech.

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