Guardianship Navigator Project

Court Innovation Design Night

We ran a Participatory Design Sprint in May 2014 at Stanford with Bay Area court staff, judges, non-profits, community advocates, technologists and designers to source ideas. They came for 2 hours on a weekday evening to scope out the direction of our design & development process.

The night included stakeholder-mapping, idea generation, and feasibility/viability reviews. The goal was to get more stakeholders’ voices out about what the problems with the status quo are, what the most pressing needs are, who among the stakeholders have resources & potential to draw on, and what ideas are most worth pursuing as solutions for improving the Guardianship legal process.

Work Product: Ideas

Here are some of the ideas that emerged out of the brainstorms & discussions.

Work Product: Stakeholder Maps

Each group of participants worked together to map out who the key stakeholders are for improving the Guardianship process. They divided the stakeholders up into 2 groups: core ones, who should be a main focus, and a wider network, who could potentially be drawn into a solution we build.

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