Law School Buildathon

We invite Stanford affiliates to join our one-day Buildathon on December 15, 11am-2pm at the Law School — to get you jumpstarted on making an app or website based on your research or work.


What this is:

The Buildathon is a hands-on session to help individuals or teams at the Law School to start designing, mapping, and building new applications.
We will take you through the basics of what kinds of web or mobile apps you can build, what steps are involved, and get you started on them.
The goal is to get you equipped with a plan of action, some initial designs and development plans, and a strategy for what you can do next.

Who this is for:

Any student, fellow, staff, or faculty who has an idea for building a new tool (preferably in the form of a website or a mobile app).

For example, if you’ve compiled a database full of information, and you now want to make it accessible to the public, so others can search and use it. Or, if you’re an expert in a certain topic, and you want to help others to make or evaluate something related to this topic.

What it entails:

Come to our session on December 15th at the law school, from 11am-2pm. RSVP required (RSVP here!), space is limited.

Bring your ideas for a new tool or app, and bring your ideas of who will use this thing you want to build.
Come with your computer and devices, as well as a notebook, pens, and pencils.

Who we are:

Margaret Hagan is the Director of the Legal Design Lab at SLS, and is a lecturer at the
Irina Zaks is a Web Developer and Drupal Instructor, who’s passionate about education and open source.

Any more questions?

Write to us! And please RSVP here.