Law + Design summit

On September 22nd, our Lab is holding a one-day summit on Law and Design. It will be at Stanford Our goal is to explore how to bring design, user-centered, creative approaches to the legal system — and to bridge this conversation across different domains of legal orgs (the courts, firms, legal aid, legal departments, foundations, government agencies, and more).

What to expect?

In this first Summit at Stanford, we are bringing lawyers, judges, designers, engineers, researchers, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs together to explore how we can use a design approach to improve how the legal system operates.

How can we improve the ‘user experience’ of the legal system? How can we build a culture of experimentation inside legal orgs, to reimagine how we work and deliver services? And how can we be more creative and flexible as we develop new rules and policies?

At our Law + Design day, we will hear from people at the cutting-edge of design and law, and then use the design process ourselves to define a forward agenda.

Our keynote speech will make clear what a ‘design approach’ means, and how other domains have used it to radically transform systems.

We will hear from people who have been experimenting with user-centered legal services, communications, and products. And then we will work together, using the design process, to define new prototypes and initiatives.

This summit will be both practical and provocative. We will discuss how to bring innovation into your legal organization, while also experimenting with what transformative new designs might be possible.

RSVP and read more here. It is an invite-only event.