Designers and Developers Pro Bono Corps

We are a group of pro bono designers and developers, who commit to using their skills to make a better, user-friendly justice system.

If we are going to make justice systems work for people, and get to 100% Access to Justice, we need to make these systems more user-centered, more navigable, and smarter.

Designers and developers have unique powers to accomplish this. They can create the strategies, tools, and systems that will empower laypeople who are going through legal problems. We invite you to join us!

What do you want to work on with us?

Traffic Ticket smart search

Courthouse design kit

Court visual storyboards

Student loan navigator

What Do You Want to Work On?

Traffic Ticket Power Search

Visual Step-By-Step Guides

Predictive Problem Screener

Court Wayfinding

Student Loan Navigator

Plea Bargaining Review