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We invite you to propose new ideas for legal products & services, and to comment & build on others’ ideas.

Concepts for Legal Products & Services

These are concepts, sparks & ideas from other members for legal design projects to pursue. Look through them to give feedback & advice, or to join their project. Add your own projects below!


Plea Agreement Project

We are a small design team working out of Stanford’s to redesign Plea Agreements, with these questions in mind: Can Plea Agreements be made clearer for defendants to understand? Can we help facilitate better discussions about them between defendants & defense attorneys? What additional information & statistics could we provide that would help defendants


Know Your Judge, Know Your Lawyer guide

Judge Analysis Users can enter in information about how judges rules, what they prefer, or other information that could be useful to future litigants & advocates. Stats on the judges could be kept — what they’re ruling on what type of case — and what you can do/avoid to make the best of your experience


Court Traffic Times

The idea is to crowdsource information about the traffic and times it takes to get court tasks done.  We can gather timing info from a crowd (or through sensors) and then distribute usable predictions to people who need to plan for court tasks. This program would ask users to submit the amount of time it


Resolution Table Interface

This physical table would provide an interactive surface, around which different stakeholders in a dispute could gather. They each could individually play out scenarios based on various variables, and together as a group, they could see what (predicted) outcomes would result. The stakeholders would see how their counterparts value different variables, and can have new


Collaboration Portal

The idea would be to provide a way for many actors to work on a single person’s case — in a more seamless & supportive way. There would be a common portal on a case. It would let clinics & other orgs share resources & expertise, while collaborating on individual cases. A clinic or organization

Do you have an idea for a way to make a legal product service more usable, more efficient, or a better experience? Tell us about it!

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