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Prototyping a Fairer Traffic Court: 5 Ideas to Empower People who Got a Ticket

This post originally appeared on Medium’s Legal Design and Innovation publication. This Spring the Legal Design Lab’ ran the Design for Justice class, all about how traffic courts in Alameda County county could be made more user-friendly — and, more deeply, how traffic citation fines, fees, and punishments could be less destructive for people who have been

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Eviction Help visual outreach

Our team is collaborating with Michigan State’s RnD Law Lab, and Dan Linna’s team there, on creating and testing new outreach strategies for the county courts. Particularly, we’re looking at how to help divert people away from evictions, by communicating to them their options and preparation strategies after they’ve been sued by their landlord. Thanks

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The Lab’s testimony at the Department of Labor, on disclosure design

Earlier this week, Lab director Margaret Hagan gave testimony at the Department of Labor’s ERISA Advisory Council. It summarized the Lab’s findings and exploratory design work around new notices and disclosures of complex financial and legal information. The slides presented about this research and insights are here. The Design of Better Consumer-Facing Disclosures from Margaret

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Traffic Court visual guides

We have our 2 final visual guides to traffic court completed, thanks to hard pro bono work of designer Kursat Ozenc. This follows our survey online with a few different options — thank you for your feedback. This is all part of our Design for Justice class that began this past Spring Quarter. These designs

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